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The Best Printer Servicing in Cheshire

The Best Printer Servicing in Cheshire

Your printer is one of the most important devices for your business, and it deserves the Best Printer Servicing in Birimingham to keep it running smoothly.

Our Printer Servicing in Cheshire is performed by qualified technicians with year’s worth of experience. Your printer in Cheshire will eventually suffer wear and tear like any other piece of technology, so it’s a good to have it looked at every 6-12 months to make sure it will continue to run properly.

Our Printer Servicing in Cheshire service will help prevent issues such as a paper jam, misfeeds, lines on prints, and error codes.

Popular brands and types of printers we service in Cheshire include:

  • HP printers, MFP and plotters
  • Sharp printers and photocopiers
  • Samsung printers and photocopiers
  • Ricoh printers and Mfd
  • Oce printers and wide format plotters
  • Kyocera printers or photocopiers
  • Canon photocopiers and printers
  • Toshiba photocopiers
  • Lexmark Printers
  • Brother printers or MFP

For information on how we can help, and provide you the best Printer Servicing in Cheshire, please contact us.

Cheap Printer Rental in Cheshire

Cheap Printer Rental in Cheshire

When using one of Print Logic’s Cheap Printer Rental in Cheshire deals you can pick up a great printer for your office.

We have been renting printers in Cheshire since 1974 and have the best print, copy, scan and fax machines for your business to rent. Our terms are flexible and low cost. We have a wide range of printers, printers and MFDs to offer on short term rental or long term rental to suit your needs.

We also offer temporary printer rental deals to businesses in Cheshire, which comes as a fully managed and trouble free service to include:-

  • Delivery, installation and configuration to your IT
  • A full maintenance package
  • All toners and consumables
  • Technical support
  • Engineers on call at no extra cost

Other services on your Printer Rental in Cheshire include:

  • Automatic toner deliveries (at no extra cost)
  • Preventative servicing
  • Immediate technical support
  • 4 hour emergency response

We supply devices from:

  • Ricoh printers
  • Sharp printers
  • HP printers and printers
  • Konica Minolta MFD
  • Xerox workcentre or phaser printers
  • Kyocera printers or printers
  • Canon printers and printers
  • Toshiba printers
  • Lexmark Printers
  • Brother printers or MFP

Call now and we can book one of our Cheshire printer rental advisors for the best printer rental quote and cheapest printer prices in Cheshire.

Cheap Printer Leasing in Cheshire

Cheap Printer Leasing in Cheshire

Cheap Printer Leasing in Cheshire – If your business needs to reduce printing costs and increase staff efficiency in Cheshire, printer leasing is the answer.

We offer the widest range of MFDs, printers, MFPs and multifunction printers in the UK – all available to lease on favourable terms. printer leasing is available to any business who is looking to reduce the cost of their desk top printers or looking to replace an old printer in Cheshire.

Prices start from only £5 per week for our printer leasing. All our leased printers come complete with a full maintenance agreement and includes:-


  • Fixed quarterly leasing price
  • printer delivery (24 hour available)
  • printer installation on your IT network
  • Staff training
  • 5 year warranty and service agreement
  • All toners, consumables and maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automatic toner delivery
  • 4 hour service response


Our printer leasing and rental is available to all businesses in Cheshire. Regardless of credit rating we have a business leasing acceptance rate of 95% and can get your printer leasing approved within 2 hours of your leasing application in Cheshire. Whether your printer leasing requirements mean a colour desktop MFP printer is best for your business or a free standing colour MFD, we have the best printer brands, printer maintenance packages and best printer prices in Cheshire.

In Cheshire we offer printer leasing packages for :-

  • Solicitors and legal firms
  • Accountants
  • Estate agents and letting agents
  • Construction industry including building contractors and electrical contractors
  • Recruitment agency
  • Primary schools, secondary schools, private schools, colleges
  • Manufacturing

Our printer leasing for Cheshire can also include MPS and Manage Print Solution packages and we offer a full range of printers and printer leasing from:-

  • Ricoh printers
  • Sharp printers
  • HP printers and printers
  • Konica Minolta MFD
  • Xerox workcentre or phaser printers
  • Kyocera printers or printers
  • Canon printers and printers
  • Toshiba printers
  • Lexmark Printers
  • Brother printers or MFP

Call now on 01332 943 998 and we can book one of our Cheshire printer leasing advisors for the best printer leasing quote and cheapest printer prices in Cheshire.

Printer Repairs in Cheshire – How We Can Help

If your printer is in need of a repair, our Printer Repair service in Cheshire can help. Our engineers are experts in every device, including popular brands like HP, Sharp, Samsung, Ricoh, Kyocera, Canon, Toshiba, Lexmark and Brother. Our Printer Repair service can fix your problem today.

Common problems which our Printer Repair service helps with daily include jams, lines on pages, error codes, misfeeds or funny noises which can all occur on any type of printer. We can service any device, including floor-standing or desktop, accepting A4, A3, or even wide format printers for A2, A1, A0 and 44″ paper.

For assistance with Printer Repairs in Cheshire, contact us today!


Photocopier repairs – removing jams

Photocopier repairs

To clear a paper jam, please check and clear all locations contained within the video above. If after clearing the ham, the machine repeatedly jams, please call to arrange a service call.

Servicing your photocopier – Cleaning Lines

Servicing your photocopier

Like any piece of equipment, you photocopier needs to be looked after and maintained properly so that you can get the most out of it. Neglecting it could result in a breakdown, which could then lead to lost time and money whilst you search for a photocopier repair.

Making sure that you have regular checkups is important, and we can help with our photocopier servicing. Our qualified engineers have year’s worth of experience and can perform servicing calls quickly so that you can be assured that your photocopier is running correctly and will continue to do so.

For information on how we can help you with photocopier servicing in Cheshire, please contact us on 03303 500 998.

Shredder repairs in Cheshire

Shredders are an important part of offices based in Cheshire. Businesses use their shredders to reduce waste and improve security. When the shredder breaks down, sensitive documents are left in the open, and unwanted paper mounts up.

Print Logic Cheshire can repair your faulty shredder quickly so you’ll be up and running in no time. We are able to repair all makes and models of shredder including:

  • Rexel Shredders
  • HSM Shredder
  • Fellowes Shredders
  • 5 Star Shredding machines
  • Martin Yale Shredders
  • Q Connect Shredding machines
  • Ruffles Shredders
  • HSM Securio Shredders
  • IDEAL Shredders
  • Dahle Shredders
  • Intimus Shredders

Common shredder issues include jamming, funny noises or paper stuck in the device. Many of these issues can be resolved quickly, such as backing jammed paper out of the shredder using the reverse button. Other issues need to be resolved by a qualified engineer, and our service department have the skills and experience to repair your shredder, no matter where you are in Cheshire.

Contact us today to see how we can help you repair your shredder in Cheshire.

Photocopier Servicing in Cheshire

Photocopier Servicing in Cheshire is one of the many ways that Print Logic in Cheshire can help you with any issues you might have with your office equipment. There are many issues that can affect productivity in the workplace, and one good way to prevent these from occurring is to take advantage of Photocopier Servicing in Cheshire.

During a Photocopier Service in Cheshire one of our qualified engineers will service your photocopier, performing any maintenance work that needs to be done as well as examining & identifying any issues that could arise.

Our Photocopier Service in Cheshire solution offers same day repair servicing in Cheshire, allowing you to resume normal workflow with the minimum amount of downtime. We understand that lost time can be very costly, so Print Logic in Cheshire commit to providing solutions as quickly as possible.

Regardless of whether your Photocopier is mono or colour, we’re ready to help with our same day Photocopier Service in Cheshire.

Photocopier Leasing in Cheshire

If you need to improve staff efficiency, productivity and reduce your printing costs or wasted time, Photocopier Leasing in Cheshire is a solution which we can provide.

Print Logic can provide you with a Photocopier on a lease agreement in Cheshire from as little as £5 per week, which guarantees you a full maintenance package, delivery within 24 hours, staff training, all toners and consumables as well as technical support and remote monitoring.

The devices we provide are award winning, and our stock includes brands such as Sharp, Ricoh, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Canon, Toshiba, Lexmark and Brother. These are Multifunction Devices, which means they can be tailored to accommodate any requirement you need. This could be anything from scanning to email, scanning to Microsoft Office and even booklet printing.

We offer Photocopier Leasing packages for all industries in Cheshire, including Solicitors and Legal Firms, Accountants, Estate & Letting Agents, Schools, Construction, Recruitment and Manufacturing.

Call us now on 01244 886 268 and a member of our Cheshire Photocopier Leasing team will be happy to help you.

Photocopier Repairs in Cheshire

Print Logic’s Photocopier Repairs in Cheshire service is ready to help you. Every breakdown of photocopiers in your business in Cheshire can be resolved by us, and we’re happy to provide a solution. Boasting years of experience in our industry, Print Logic are more than capable of providing the solutions you need for your Photocopier. Whatever the issue is with your photocopier, we’re ready to repair.

Problems that can occur when you need a photocopier repair in Cheshire could include a whole array of issues. These could be as simple as a jam, where paper gets stuck or a toner running out. However they could also be more serious, such as image problems which could affect your printed documents. These issues could be resolved remotely by speaking with one our dedicated support team members. There are some problems which would require one of our qualified expert engineers to visit your place of work in Cheshire to perform a photocopier repair. These would mainly be mechanical issues, such as when a part needs to be replaced inside your photocopier.

Our engineers are ready to visit you in Cheshire, and we commit to a customer care promise which means we provide you an excellent solution in the minimum amount of time. If you’re in need of our photocopier repair service in Cheshire, contact us today and let us provide you a solution.

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